Dext & WorkflowMax Best Practice Workflow

Dext Custom, Streamline, and Optimize integrate with WorkflowMax to make the process of recording job costs more efficient, especially when used together with Xero.

The integration works slightly differently to others as there is no General Ledger to publish data to – this document will show you how the data is transferred between Dext and WorkflowMax, and how this fits into a workflow with Xero.

1. Integrate with Workflow Max

Dext pulls across your list of clients and jobs from WorkflowMax. These are listed under the ‘Client’ and ‘Project’ fields respectively on the item detail page.

Note: Dext does not populate the ‘Category’ list when integrated with WorkflowMax as it is not available.
2.Publish items to WorkflowMax
a)On an item in the inbox, select which WorkflowMax Job this invoice relates to by choosing from the Project dropdown

b)Click ‘Publish’
c)The item appears as a purchase order on the Cost tab on the Job in WorkflowMax, and the original invoice image is attached under the Documents tab

Note: As the invoice is created as a new Purchase Order, do not create purchase orders manually on the Job as they will be duplicated when the Dext information is published.
3.Exporting Jobs to Xero as Sales Invoices
a)Click the Purchase Order link on the job in Xero to bring up all the information extracted by Dext
b)Click Full Receipt and enter any additional information, then click ‘Save’
c)Back on the Job overview, click the Financial tab
d)Depending on whether the Job is complete or not, click either ‘Full Invoice’ or ‘Progress Invoice’ on the left-hand-side of the screen
e)Adjust any information on the next page and click ‘Next’
f)Review the information and click ‘Approve’ on the final page
g)A new draft sales invoice will be created in Xero. Each line represents an invoice from Dext, and can be reference in Dext using the ID number beginning RB###.
Note: The original document image does not get exported from WorkflowMax to Xero as part of the sales invoice.

WorkflowMax as an Additional Integration

If some of your receipts and invoices need to be allocated to WorkflowMax Jobs, but others are straightforward purchases to be recorded in Xero, you can use the two integrations at the same time by setting WorkflowMax as the Additional Integration.
Click here to find out how to set this up.