How to Mark Billable Expenses When Working With QuickBooks Online

You can mark an item as a billable expense in Dext Prepare before you publish it to QuickBooks Online.

Please note: This feature is only compatible with integrations with QuickBooks Online Plus

To set up the billable expense functionality:

1. Go to the Account and Settings > Expenses menu of your QuickBooks Online account.
2. Tick both Track expenses and items by customer and Make expenses and items billable

3. Go to the Account and Settings > Manage Users menu of your QuickBooks Online account.
4. Change the Billable field to Yes for all required users.

5. Now whenever a Customer is selected in Dext Prepare, you’ll be able to Mark as rebillable from the Item Details page.

6. You can also mark an item as billable from the Android version of the Dext Mobile App.
Screenshot Android.png
7. Now whenever you publish a billable expense to QuickBooks Online, it will automatically be marked as billable.
pic7 copy.png