How to Integrate Dext Prepare with an Accounting Software

Integrating Dext Prepare and your accounting software will enable you to send your Dext Prepare items directly to your accounting software with all the relevant item details applied.

To be able to integrate with an accounting software you must have Administrator level User Privilege access. If you cannot see the integrations page under Connections it means you don’t have this access. Reach out to your account administrator or accountant/bookeeper to request access.

Important: Once you have integrated Dext Prepare with your accounting software it is essential you have the relevant settings configured correctly before publishing an item to your accounting software. This will reduce the chance of publishing errors. The requirements vary between softwares, so see the Publishing & Settings section below for how to do this.

What Does Integrating Do?

Integrating Dext Prepare with your accounting software will import your Chart of Accounts to your Dext Prepare account, enabling you to apply the necessary publishing settings to items, ensuring they are sent to the correct area of your accounting software with the correct item details applied.

Setting Up the Connection 

To connect your Dext account to your accounting software:

1. Navigate to the Connections section of the sidebar, then Integrations.

2. Find your accounting software in the list of available softwares, then click the Connect button.

4. Read over the steps outlined in the popup modal. This will illustrate the full connection process, which differs between integrations. Then click the Connect software button – you’ll be redirected to your accounting software and prompted to log in to your account.

6. Follow the steps provided until you return to Dext Prepare.

7. Finally, you will see a confirmation that the connection has successfully been made. Click Finish.

8. Once the connection is made you will return to the Integrations page. You can manage the connection and it’s general settings from this page.

Integration Settings

To ensure your items are published to the correct area of your accounting software, and to reduce the chance of errors, it is essential that you have the relevant settings configured correctly before publishing an item.

These settings are managed from the Integrations page:

General Settings
Set the default publishing destinations for costs and sales items, as well selecting the default payment status of costs and sales items and expense reports when sent to your accounting software. 

Bank Match
Your items will be set up to be sent to the paid area in the matched Bank Account for quick reconciliation. If this is off, you can still fill the payment fields from the item view.

Default Tax Settings
Choose how tax is applied to items that you publish to your accounting software. The tax code selected by default will not overwrite any supplier rules or manual changes to an item.

Auto Publishing
We recommend setting up auto-publish on a supplier level, after category rules have been set up. See more on auto-publishing here.

For more information on settings specific to your accounting software, see the relevant Integration guide:

Settings for individual items can be set on the Item details page. While rules to be applied to items from specific suppliers or customers can be set by following this guide.

Publishing Errors

If you come across a publishing error see the following troubleshooting sections for help: