How to Publish Sales Invoices to QuickBooks Online

After you’ve uploaded your Sales Invoices to Dext Prepare, we’ve extracted all of the data and you’re ready to publish to QuickBooks Online, make sure that you receive payment for your invoice before you match it against the payment

  1. Publish the item from Dext Prepare to QuickBooks Online

image (3).png

  1. Find the payment in the ‘Invoices’ section of the ‘Sales’ page in QuickBooks Online.
  2. After your customer has paid you, mark the invoice as completed by clicking ‘Receive payment’


  1. Alternatively, click the ‘+’ icon and ‘Receive Payment’. Type the name of the person paying you into the ‘Customer’ field and click to confirm which invoice has been paid.


  1. When you’ve received payment from your customer, match your Sales Invoice to the Bank record from the ‘Banking’ page of QuickBooks.