Dext Prepare Sync Manager Troubleshooting

This article covers some solutions to try if the daily sync between Dext Prepare and QuickBooks Desktop is not working, or if publishing items is taking too long or is failing.

Notes: The Right Networks integration is available in the United States.

System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 7 and above

Usage statistics
Publishing: Up to 30 receipts per client at a time
Average publishing time per receipt: 90 seconds
Average resource fetching time: 60 seconds

Check the internet

  • Check the machine hosting your QuickBooks Desktop company files is turned on and connected to the internet
  • If you are using a Right Networks hosted environment, make sure that you are logged in to it. It will turn off automatically if the user is idle for 2 hours

Check the Dext Prepare Sync Manager

  • Check that the Sync Manager is installed on the computer/server that hosts your QuickBooks Desktop company files.
  • Check that the Sync Manager is open and running.

Check QuickBooks Desktop

  • If you’re trying to publish to several QuickBooks Desktop Company files at once, QuickBooks needs to be closed down during publishing.
  • If you’re publishing to one Company file at a time, QuickBooks Desktop can be open, but only the Company file that you’re trying to publish to can be open. If you then want to publish to another Company file, you have to close the first file and open the other one in QuickBooks.

Check Dext Prepare

  • If the publishing of a paid item fails, check these steps to make sure your payment methods are set up correctly.