How to Integrate with ClearBooks

It’s simple to integrate your Dext Prepare account with your ClearBooks account but, unlike our other integrations, this is done from within ClearBooks.

Important: To be able to integrate with an accounting software you must have Administrator level User Privilege access. If you cannot see the Connections section in the sidebar it means you don’t have this access. Reach out to your account administrator or accountant/bookkeeper to request access.

First you’ll need to login to your ClearBooks account, then follow these instructions:

1) Go into the ‘Tools’ menu


2) Click on the ‘Add-Ons’ tab


3) Select ‘Integration’
4) Select Dext Prepare and follow the on-screen instructions


Please note that this integration is managed by ClearBooks so they are in a better position to provide support – access their help centre here
Here is also a link to ClearBooks’ blog explaining how to manage publishing.