What is a Sales Receipt?

A Sales receipt is a document that records what payments you have already received for goods or services sold to your customers. Sales receipts are proof of payment documents.

Sales receipts differ from Sales invoices in that they also list the exact payment methods used for the purchase. Sales Invoices on the other hand, do not list any used payment methods, being official request documents for payment.

Using Dext Prepare integrated with QuickBooks Online, you can publish your sales receipts as a new publishing destination.

Publishing Sales Receipts to QuickBooks Online

  1. In the Sales workspace, click into your sales receipt of interest. Under Publishing in Item Details, click on the drop down and select ‘Sales Receipt‘ if necessary.
    sales receipt 1a.png
  2. Under the Payment section, choose a ‘Deposit to’ destination. If you need to , select ‘Add Payment Method’ to select you payment method.
    sales receipt 3a.png

  3. Once the item is published to QuickBooks Online, you will find it in under Sales transactions with the item type listed as Salesreceipt.
    sales receipt 4a.png