How Dext Prepare and Zapier Can Work Together

Dext Prepare can work with Zapier in a number of different ways, as Zapier connects to over 3000 other applications. For a full list of these click here.

Below are a few examples of how Dext Prepare and Zapier can work together.

Connect Dext Prepare to an accounting software that is not currently supported via our API, including Libeo, Zoho Books, and Nomi. 

Submit new items to Dext Prepare through a shared Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox or Box account.

  1. Set up a Zap with a trigger of ’New File in Folder’ or ‘New File’ for your cloud drive and an action of ’Submit Receipts’ for Dext Prepare
  2. Upload a file to the drive or folder you specified
  3. The image file will be uploaded to the account you specified in Dext Prepare

Note: You need to ensure when mapping the fields that you will need to select the option ‘File: (Exists but not shown)’


Create new client accounts from rows in a Google Sheet or Excel Spreadsheet

  1. Set up a Zap with a trigger of ‘New Spreadsheet Row’ for the spreadsheet and an action of ‘Create New Client Account’ for Dext Prepare
  2. Add a new row to the spreadsheet and fill in the details of the Client Account. Provide fields for the first name, last name, email address, mobile number, and (optionally) the company name for the person owning the account
  3. The client account will be created

Export extracted data from Dext Prepare documents to a Google Sheet or Excel Spreadsheet

  1. Set up a Zap with a trigger of ‘New Exported Receipt’ for Dext Prepare and an action of ‘Add Row’ to your spreadsheet
  2. Choose the fields that you’d like to export to columns in your spreadsheet. You can specify up to 20 fields.
  3. Upload documents to Dext Prepare
  4. The extracted data will be added to your spreadsheet as a new row

Note: To be able to view an attached image outside of Dext Prepare you need to make sure Image sharing is turned on in the Account details settings in your Dext Prepare account.


Receive Slack notifications for batches of new uploads to Dext Prepare

  1. Set up a Zap with a trigger of ‘Schedule Notifications’ for Dext Prepare and ‘Send Direct Message’ or ‘Send Channel Message’ for Slack
  2. Choose a client account that you want to receive notifications for
  3. Set a threshold number of uploads. You’ll receive a notification after this number of documents have been processed in the account.
  4. Receive notifications after the number of documents you set as a threshold have been processed in the account.