QuickBooks Online Troubleshooting Error Messages

Please see below for a list of Error messages for QuickBooks Online and instructions for how to fix the error. For any other errors not on this list, please contact our support team for further assistance.

Duplicate Document Number Error: You must specify a different number. This number has already been used

This means that the invoice number already exists in your QuickBooks Online account.

You can easily fix it by following these steps:

 1. Open your QuickBooks Online and navigate to Settings >> Account and Settings >> Sales

 2. Check that ‘Custom transaction numbers’ is turned OFF

QuickBooks Online 1.png

 3. Back to QuickBooks Online Settings >> Account and Settings >> Advanced

 4. Check that ‘Warn if duplicate check/bill number is used’ is also turned OFF

QuickBooks Online 2.png

Business Validation Error: One or more charge lines do not have a tax code associated with it

QuickBooks Online requires you to have a default tax rate selected before publishing any tax info. So you need to simply edit your tax settings to publish the item.

QuickBooks Online 3.png

1.Scroll to the Connections section of the menu and click on Integrations.

QuickBooks Online 4.png

2. Toggle the switch to turn Publish tax data to On and complete the fields with your required tax information. 

QuickBooks Online 5.png

3. Return to the item with the error message and now you will be able to Publish the item.

Error on publishing negative amounts to QuickBooks Online

If you see an error on an item with the details “Change Publish Location field to Credit Note” this means that an item with a negative value has been unable to publish to the destination – Cash, Credit, Credit Card or Bill. Only credit notes are able to be published with a negative amount.

To publish an item with a negative total amount, please open the Item edit page and set the Publish to field to Credit note


Stale Object Error

Select the item using the checkboxes on the left hand side, then click Tools from the menu and then select Clear Publishing Data and then re-publish the item.

Screenshot 2021-01-29 at 13.06.47.png

Object Not Found Error

This is an error as a result of two actions:

  • Deleting a supplier or category in QuickBooks while the items were publishing

To fix the error click the Reload all lists button. This option is found at the top right hand corner of the Customers, Categories, or Suppliers tabs under the Lists menu.

Screenshot 2021-01-29 at 16.42.57.png

  • Disabling the integration with QuickBooks and enabling it again later.

The information about your payment methods has been lost and you will have to link your bank accounts again.

Something Went Wrong Error

This error message notifies you that your integration with QuickBooks Online has expired, this will occur once a year.

To clear it you need to refresh your QuickBooks Online integration. Click on the Connections menu and then into the Integrations tab. From here click Change and choose QuickBooks Online again.

QuickBooks OnlineIntegrationSettings.JPG

Do not disable the integration or the information about your Chart of Accounts and Payment methods will be lost.

Account Period Closed Error

This error occurs if you have turned on the Closing books option in your QuickBooks Online account.

If Closing books is turned on, you can set a closing date to limit changes to company data. Then if a user or a publishing attempt from the application tries to save a change to data that is dated prior to the closing date the error will appear.

See here for more information.

Duplicate Supplier Name Exists Error

This error occurs because in your QuickBooks Online account exists a contact under your Client list with the same name as your Supplier. The system is unable to handle a client and a supplier with the same name.

To correct the error either:

  • Change the name of the supplier of the item in your Dext Prepare account


Please note that if you have multiple entries from one supplier but slightly different naming conventions then you can also merge these suppliers into one entry.

Your QuickBooks Online Subscription appears to be inactive

This error occurs when the subscription within QuickBooks Online appears to be inactive.

To resolve this error, you’ll need to confirm your QuickBooks Online subscription is still active by:

  1. Signing into QuickBooks Online as a Primary Admin.
  2. Select Settings, then Account and settings.
  3. Select Billing & subscription.

If your subscription shows as active, you’ll need to follow the steps in this article to reintegrate.

If your subscription is showing as inactive, you’ll need to contact QuickBooks Online to reactivate this.

Invalid reference id: this account has been deleted

This error occurs when some of the entries assigned to the item are no longer existent in QuickBooks Online.

To resolve this, you’ll need to:

  1. Reload the lists within Dext Prepare.
  2. Check and change/reassign the details on the item.
  3. Clear the publishing data from the Tools menu and publish the item once more despite the error message.

Sorry, we cannot publish this item because your request to QuickBooks Online was not authorized

This error can be resolved by reintegrating your connection.

Once this has been completed, you’ll need to republish the item once more even with the error still showing.

A business validation error has occurred while processing your request – Business Validation Error: Multicurrency should be enabled to perform this operation

This error can be resolved by ensuring your Dext Prepare base currency matches the currency set in your QuickBooks Online account and is the same as the supplier set up in QuickBooks Online.

You can check your Dext Prepare base currency by:

  1. Navigating to My Profile.
  2. Selecting Account Details and then Base currency.

You can then publish your document once more by following these steps.