Why isn’t tax data being published to MYOB AccountRight Live?

Dext Prepare tells MYOB how much tax there is on your items based on the rates pulled across from your chart of accounts.

Ensuring that the correct rates are set up as defaults on your Dext Prepare account gives you control over exactly how the tax on each of your items is treated.

1.Set an Account default tax rate:

Default tax rates should be set up on individual suppliers, but setting one on the overall account will act as a safety net should you forget to do so.

a) Navigate to the ‘Integration’ tab of your account settings;

Screenshot 2019-12-30 at 16.46.32.png

b) Select your preferred default tax rate from the ‘Default Tax Rate’ dropdown, such as GST 10%:

MYOBtax (1).png

2.Set Supplier default tax rates:

Dext Prepare allows you to set rules on your regular suppliers that control how Dext Prepare extracts and publishes tax amounts.

a)Click ‘Set Supplier Rules’ when looking at a relevant receipt or invoice;

MYOB_Set Rules.png

b)In the pop-up, select your preferred default tax rate from the ‘Default Tax Rate’ dropdown;

MYOB_default tax.png

c)Every time Dext Prepare sees this supplier, it will automatically extract tax based on that rate, and will publish the same rate to MYOB.

d) This can also be done from the ‘Suppliers’ tab.

Screenshot 2019-12-30 at 16.50.10.png

Note that you can change this on an item-by-item basis from the ‘Tax’ dropdown on the Receipt Detail page:

MYOB_Detail Tax.png

Remember that, if you don’t set a default Supplier tax rate, your items will be published with the Account default tax rate.