Dext Prepare & Gusto Best Practice Workflow

Dext Prepare Custom integrates with Gusto, a payroll software. The integration allows employees to upload expenses to Dext Prepare and expense approvers (or admins) to transfer this data to be added as a ‘reimbursement’ to an open Payroll in Gusto.

During the integration flow, you’ll be prompted to link all your users to their profiles in Gusto.
Screenshot 2019-09-18 at 11.07.13.png
If later on, you add new employees, you can link them from the “Link users” button available under the “My team” section of the main menu.
2. Publish items.

Once the integration is complete and users are linked, any expenses published to Gusto can be found on an ​open​ payroll (which takes into account the date of the receipt), under the relevant employee.

Note: None of the item images are transferred to Gusto because of limitations of their API.

3. Use Expense reports.

Another option is to utilise the Expense Report feature in Dext Prepare . Find the Expense Report tab and select one of the prepared reports, then publish it. It would act like a normal ‘single’ expense from Dext Prepare and will create a reimbursement for the Expense Report’s total for the user it was prepared for.

Note: You need to run payroll in Gusto in order to find unpaid expenses.