How to Publish Credit Card Credits with QuickBooks Online

This feature allows users to Publish refunds or returns to the correct Credit Card that was used for the original purchase. The new publishing destination for QuickBooks Online is Credit Card Credit.

Please note: This feature is only available to users in Canada and The United States.

To use Credit Card Credit follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Item from your Costs workspace to enter the Item Details screen
  2. Scroll down on the panel on the right to find the Publishing Destination field. Select the publishing destination – Credit Card Credit
  3. Ensure that the Paid toggle is set to YES.
  4. Check that the Payment Method in Dext Prepare is linked to the corresponding Credit Card in QuickBooks Online. For more information about setting up a payment method, scroll down.
5. The Published item can be found in QuickBooks Online under the Expenses section and the Vendor for that item.

To set up a Payment Method follow these steps:

1. In QuickBooks Online you need to have a payment method with the Account Type and Detail Type  both set to Credit Card


2. In Dext Prepare you need to add a Payment Method and link it to the bank account (credit card) that corresponds to the credit card that you have just set up as a Payment Method in QuickBooks Online. For more information about Payment Methods click here.