Using Paperwork Match with your Accounting Software

Paperwork Match allows you to match your existing payments from the last 6 months in your accounting software that do not have an attached image. Once you select the Paperwork Match button, we will attach the document image to your existing accounting software record.

Note: Paperwork Match is currently only accessible on the Web app, not the Mobile app.

Paperwork Match works with Xero, Sage Accounting, and QuickBooks Online.

Matching items are determined based on:

  • Matching supplier names
  • Matching total amount
  • Matching invoice or receipt date

When working in a Client Inbox, the Match column will confirm if any document images have been matched with the Match found icon

Costs _ Inbox _ Sage Accounting Paperwork Match2.png

Hover over the Match found icon to see the details

Costs _ Inbox _ Sage Accounting Paperwork Match1.png

Click the Match Found icon and the document image will be automatically attached to the corresponding payment in your accounting software.  We will not publish any data from Dext Prepare, just the document image to the existing record in your accounting software.

Keep in mind: The match date in the integration software can be up to 10 days after the document date in Dext and the documents will still match.

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 16.37.25 (1).png

Example of how a document image is auto-matched and sent to a record in Sage Accounting with Paperwork Match.