How to Publish Tax to FreeAgent

Configure your FreeAgent settings to publish your tax data to FreeAgent.

Determine whether you’d like to send an item’s tax code to your integrated accounting software by setting the choosing the tax code on an individual item or in bulk with supplier rules.

Individual Items

You can also set a tax rate for an individual item on the Item details page.

  1. Go to the Costs or Sales workspace and open the relevant item.
  2. On the Item Details page, select the Tax and Tax Amount.

The tax amount extracted from the item (or preset by Supplier rules) and the tax rate will be published to FreeAgent.

In Bulk with Supplier Rules

To set a supplier rule to apply the same tax code to every item submitted from a specific supplier.

To set a rule:

  1. Go Lists in the sidebar, then Suppliers or Customers.
  2. Click on the Supplier to enter the supplier’s page.
  3. And select the Tax Rate from the dropdown.