How to Publish Items as Paid to Xero

Publish costs or sales items to Xero as ‘Paid’. Link your payment methods in Dext Prepare to Bank Accounts in Xero, then publish transactions as ‘Paid’.

To publish an item as ‘Paid’:

  1. Firstly, in order for Dext Prepare to publish your transactions as ‘Paid’ to ‘Purchases’ or ‘Sales’, we need to know which Bank Account was used to pay for the item. To do this, link the Payment Methods in Dext Prepare to the relevant Bank Account in Xero:
  1. Go to Connections in the sidebar, then Integrations.
  1. Change the ‘Publish items to purchases as’ or ‘Publish sales items to sales as’ option to Paid (where possible).



  1. Then, go to Payment Methods in the sidebar, in the Lists section.
  2. Use the dropdown menu in the Bank Account column to match a payment card to the Bank Account it’s associated with.
  1. Once this is done, return to the Item via the costs or sales inbox, and on the Item details page mark the item as Paid and select the Payment Method.