Using Bank Match with your Accounting Software

Bank Match is an automated feature that identifies Dext Prepare items that already have a matching transaction in your accounting software Bank Feed or cash coded payments. 

Note: Bank Match does not currently work with Sage Pastel / Sage South Africa.

Bank Match is able to identify an item in your costs inbox with a matching, unreconciled line in your bank transactions within Dext Prepare, or in the bank feed from your integrated accounting software. You can then select those items with the Bank Match icon and export them or publish them directly to your accounting software such as Xero or Sage (see below for integration specific instructions).

Bank Match identifies transactions that have been made within the last 6 months of submissions, so any older transactions will still need to be manually published.

An account showing the Match found icon under the Match column for successfully matched items

Costs _ Inbox _ Xero Single Bank Match (reconciliation)2.png

Matching items are determined based on:

  • Matching total amount
  • Matching payment date (Match considers entries paid within the next 10 days of the document date, to allow for payment to be taken from the bank account).

Hover your mouse over the ‘Match’ icon to review information about your matching transaction

Costs _ Inbox _ Xero Single Bank Match (reconciliation)1.png

Bank Match with Xero

This section will demonstrate how to use Bank Match with Xero.

  1. Click into the Receipt Details page for the item. Review the Category field and any other tracking information.
  2. Click ‘Autofill Payment’ to complete the Payment details for this item. The data is pulled through from Xero.
Costs _ Inbox _ Xero Single Bank Match1.png

  1. Publish your item. You can find it in the ‘Reconcile’ screen in Xero.

 Using Bank Match with Sage Accounting

This indicates that a matching transaction has been identified in the Sage Bank Feed. Hover your mouse over the ‘Match’ icon to review about your matching Sage transaction.
Costs _ Inbox _ Sage Accounting Single Bank Match1.png

  1. Click into the Item Details page for the item. As the data already matches the Sage Bank Feed, you just need to review the Category field and any other tracking information.
  2. The ‘Payment’ section of the Receipt Details page will now display a ‘Bank Match’ screen. This prompts you to autofill the Payment Details so that the data exactly matches the Sage Bank Feed.
Costs _ Item Detail _ Sage Accounting Bank Match1.png

  1. Press ‘Autofill Payment’ and publish your item. It will now be present in the ‘Banking’ section of Sage, ready for reconciliation!