How to Get the Images of Items to Move to KashFlow

For this KashFlow offers you integration with Dropbox because it gives you the ability to upload and store your personal files, customer records, invoices and more.

Your images are stored securely and you’ll have the flexibility to access the files you upload from computer as well as on mobile devices.

In order to create integration between KashFlow and DropBox, please follow these steps:

1. Go to the ‘Settings’ tab of your KashFlow user dashboard

2. Scroll down to ‘External Services’ and click on the Dropbox icon

3. Click to connect your KashFlow account to Dropbox and sign in with your Dropbox details, if you already have an account. Otherwise create a new one.

Success! KashFlow and Dropbox have been linked. You can now go back to your Dext account and publish items across to KashFlow.

To view the images of your items go to the ‘Purchases’ tab in your KashFlow user dashboard, click on the item, and then click on the ‘Files’ tab in the bottom of the page.