How to Publish Items to Sage 50 Canada

There are two methods for publishing items to Sage 50 Canada:

1. Web Publishing

2. The Connect app

NOTE: You must first integrate the account that you would like to publish from with Sage 50 Canada, please see this article for further instructions on how to integrate.

Web Publishing

Web publishing is the most convenient and flexible way to publish items from Dext Prepare to Sage 50 Canada.

You can publish items from anywhere that you’re able to access Dext Prepare, as long as the device with Connect installed on it is switched on, has access to the internet and access to the Sage 50 Canada company file that you would like to publish to.

This also makes it much easier for teams to publish to Sage 50 Canada clients as there is no bottleneck created by the need to access the device where Connect is installed.

To use web publishing you simply:

1.  Fill in the required fields on the item in Dext Prepare through your web browser.

2.  Press the ‘Publish’ button that appears next to the item in the inbox or on the item detail page.


3.  The Dext Prepare web application will then instruct the Connect app to publish the item to Sage 50 Canada. The item will then be created as the appropriate type of transaction in the client’s Sage 50 Canada company file.

The Connect app

Publishing through the Connect app is a reliable backup alternative to Web Publishing.

The Connect app can only be used for reviewing items prior to publishing and publishing the items. This means that all changes to the item prior to publishing must be made through Dext Prepare in your web browser.

To publish through the Connect app:

1.  Review the items in your inbox and ensure that all the information is correct and all the required fields have been completed.

2.  Open Dext Connect on the device where you performed the integration with Sage 50 Canada and view the client that you wish to publish to. (Here you will see a view of the inbox from Dext Prepare and you will be able to review the details of the items before you publish.)


3.  When you are ready to publish, click the ‘Publish’ button next to the item on the inbox list view or on the item detail page.

4.  The item will then be created as the appropriate type of transaction in the Client’s Sage 50 Canada company file.