How to Use Xero Lock Dates in Dext Prepare

Use Xero’s Lock Dates to stop people from making changes to transactions that were made in past periods.

After you set a lock date, users can’t add or edit transactions in Xero if the transaction date is earlier than the lock date. Read more about Lock Dates in Xero here.

Note: You must have the ‘Advisor’ role in Xero to use Lock Dates.

In your Dext Prepare account:

Any items dated prior to that lock date can be published from Dext Prepare to Xero as:

  • Draft bills
  • Classic Expense Claims
  • Awaiting approval bills

Any items dated prior to that lock date cannot be published from the software to Xero as:

  • Spend Money transactions against any bank accounts.

If you try to publish an item to one of those sections in Xero, you’ll see the following error message:


In your Xero account:

Use the ‘Period Lock Date’ setting in Xero to enforce this lock date in Dext Prepare.