How to Automatically Publish Items

Use Auto-Publish to publish documents from specific suppliers or customers or payment methods to your integrated accounting softwareautomatically as soon as they’ve been submitted.

Use auto-publish in conjunction with Supplier and Customer Rules and Smart Split, and transactions can be categorised and published without any editing beforehand.

To turn on Auto-Publish for an individual supplier or customer:

  1. Access the ‘Suppliers‘ or ‘Customers‘ tab
  2. Click into the profile for the supplier or customer you’d like to set upauto-publish for
  3. Turn on the ‘Auto-publish‘ toggle.


Turn on auto-publish for all items by default by accessing ‘Connections‘ > ‘Integrations‘ and turning the ‘Automatically publish ALL items‘ toggle to ‘ON’.

Use the ‘Exceptions:‘ checkboxes to note any types of documents that shouldn’t be auto-published by default.


To turn on Auto-Publish for a Payment Method:

  1. Access the ‘Payment Methodspageunder ‘More Lists’ to the left.
  2. Click on the ‘Auto-publish‘ dropdown for the required Payment Method and select ‘yes‘.


Once this is set, any submitted document that was paid for using this payment method will be automatically published to the integrated accounting software after it’s been coded and processed by Dext Prepare.

Payment Method auto-publish rules take precedence over Supplier-based or Customer-based Auto-publish rules.