How to Add a Client Account

Creating a Client Account will add a dedicated space to receive review and manage the financial documentation for one of your clients’ businesses.

Important: To be able to add a client account you must have Administrator level User Privilege access. If you don’t see the My Team menu, you don’t have access and must contact your account administrator/accountant/bookkeeper to gain access or request removal of the user. 

This functionality is only available for Bookkeeper and Accountant Partner Accounts. Find out more about the different Dext Prepare products here.

You can also create additional client accounts for existing clients under one email address with Multi-account Management.

If you wish to invite a client who already has a Dext Prepare account, the client will need to invite you to access their account by following these steps.

Note: From the 24th of October you will not be able to add clients if you are over your client bundle plan limit. Access to your existing clients will not be affected. Visit your subscription page to view your plan details and upgrade your client bundle.

Creating a Client Account

To create a new client account:

  1. Log in to the Dext Prepare web app.
  2. Go to My Clients in the sidebar.
  3. Click the green Add Client button at the top of the page.
  1. The ‘Create a client account’ window will then appear. Enter the client’s name or their business’ name, then select an industry category for the client if desired. When ready click Next.
  1. The ‘Create a client account’ window will then appear. Enter the client’s name or their business’ name, the practice code and select an industry category for the client if desired. When ready click Next.
  1. On the next screen, assign the members of your team access to the new client account. To do this tick the box next to the colleagues you want to give access to the new client account. To select all colleagues, select ‘Give all your colleagues access to this client’ at the top of the list. When ready click Next.

Please note – if you have no other colleagues on your account then this step will be skipped.

  1. Next, assign the client account manager(s).
  1. Next, choose whether to invite the new client to Dext Prepare immediately via SMS and/or email OR skip this step.

If you click Skip Invitation, a client account will be created and the client will be able to submit documents via their unique email in address, as well as be assigned to a document as a document owner, however they will not be able to access the Dext Prepare account themselves via the mobile or web app.

If you DO want to invite the client to access the Dext prepare account to have full visibility of their transaction data and use the various submission methods available via the web and mobile apps to add documents; add the user’s name and email address, then click Next.

  1. Finally, on the confirmation page, confirm that you’ll be adding the new client account to your client list and that an invitation will be sent to the listed email address by clicking Create.

Once you’ve clicked ‘Create’, the new client account will then be automatically added to your client list. The new client will have the same default values (base currency, account country) as your practice and be given email-in addresses to start submitting.

If the email address you entered is already being used by another client account, you will see a message warning you of this.

  • If you don’t wish to create a new account, but simply access their existing account, reach out to your client and ask them to invite you to their account.
  • If the client has multiple businesses and you wish to create an additional account under the same email address, click Invite and create another account for the client under the one email address.

Editing Client Account Settings

After you’ve created a new client account you can edit the account’s settings as needed.

To do this:

  1. Go to My Clients in the sidebar.
  2. Click Manage next to the relevant client.
  3. Then click Edit.