The ‘Practice Insights’ Page

Practice Insights provides top level data that can be filtered and broken down in two lower-lever drilldowns, enabling you to spot opportunities to optimise capacity, and make decisions backed by actionable insight.

Note: Practice Insights is available for Partners on the Practice Advanced plan.

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Important: To maximise the effectiveness of Practice Insights’ filters you need to first configure your user, location and client settings correctly. See the Configuring your Settings to enable Filters section of this article for how to do this. 

Overview of Practice Insights

The Five Top Level Widgets

To view Practice Insights, go to Dashboard in the sidebar, then Practice Insights.


The Practice Insights page consists of 5 widgets illustrating top level data:

Items to Action: The number of items across all clients that need reviewing or are ready.

Items Submitted: The number of items that have been submitted across all clients over the last 30 days.

Inactive Clients: The number of inactive clients, over the last 30 days.

Supplier Rules by Client: The impact of supplier rules as they are today, across the last 30 days.

Supplier Rules Performance: The number of items auto-categorised and auto published across all of your clients for the current month.

The Two Lower Level Drilldowns

Each tile can be drilled down to two lower levels for deeper insights by clicking on the button at the bottom of each tile:


The top level overview has real time KPIs for Items to action & Inactive clients as well as 30 day charts of Items submitted, Supplier rules by client, and Supplier rules performance.

The 2nd level drilldown contains more in depth lower level reports, data visualisations and jobs to be done for each top level widget.

The 3rd level drilldown has the underlying client level data that can be filtered & exported as a CSV.


To filter the data on any level of Practice insights, go to the filter icon in the top right corner.


Each level of Practice Insights can be filtered by:

  • Clients
  • Date range (on relevant widgets & reports)
  • Managed by (The team member that manages the client)
  • Location
  • Managed (Bookkeeping managed by practice or client)
  • Bookkeeping management frequency
  • Include suspended clients

Configuring your Settings to enable Filters

To maximise the utility of Practice Insights’ filters, the following settings must first be configured:

Enable filtering by which User a Client is Managed By

  1. Go to My team in the sidebar.
  2. Then Colleagues.
  3. Click Manage next to the relevant team member, then Client Access.
  1. Tick the Managed by checkbox next to the clients that the colleague manages.
  1. Scroll down and click Save.

Enable filtering by Office Location

An office location can be added by going to My Team > Locations in the sidebar.

To manage a user’s location:

  1. Go to My team in the sidebar.
  2. Then Colleagues.
  3. Click Manage next to the relevant colleague.
  4. Click Edit User Details.
  5. Go to Practice Location.
  6. Select the relevant practice location.
  1. Click Save.

Enable filtering by who manages the bookkeeping – the Practice or the Client

  1. Go to My Clients in the sidebar.
  2. Click on the Manage button next to the relevant client.
  3. Click on Bookkeeping settings.
  1. Set Managed to On if the bookkeeping is managed by the practice or Off if it is managed by the client.
  2. If On is selected, set the frequency of the bookkeeping undertaken for the client.