How to Invite Someone to Use Dext Prepare

You can send email and text message invitations to new and existing users on your Dext Prepare account. This will introduce the software, and provide links to download to the Mobile App.

You can send invitations to new clients, as well as invite or re-invite existing clients.

Inviting New Clients

When creating a new user on your Dext Prepare account [or if you’re an Accountant or Bookkeeper creating a new Client Account]:

1. Enter their name and email address then click Continue to invite


2. Enter their mobile number and click Invite


This will immediately send the new user an email and text invite, with an introduction to Dext Prepare and a link to access the Dext Mobile App.

Screenshot 2021-10-04 at 13.56.58.pngmobileinvite.png
Example of Email InvitationExample of SMS Invitation

Inviting Existing Clients

To invite an existing account User to Dext Prepare:

  1. Go to Users in the sidebar. For accountants and bookkeepers be sure you’re in the client account.
  1. Click Manage next to the user you want to invite.
  2. Then click Invite in the drop down list. Follow the steps to send the invitation.