How to Set Up Your Customer List

Your Customer List is used to record the people who have previously purchased from your business.

When you upload a Sales Invoice, Dext Prepare will check your Customer List to find the customer who’s named on the document. If we can’t find an existing customer from your list, the Customer field of the Sales Invoice will be left blank.

View your Customer List by clicking on Lists and then Customers.

Depending on whether you’re using Dext Prepare alongside another accounting software, the customer list can populate and update differently:

My account is integrated with Xero or QuickBooks Online

Dext Prepare automatically imports and updates your existing Customer List from your integration. When you publish new customers from the application, they’ll be created in your integrated software.

My account is integrated with a different software

Dext Prepare automatically imports your existing Customer List from your integration.
You cannot create new customers in Dext Prepare. Add new customers in the integrated software and they’ll be updated in Dext Prepare when data is next synced between the two platforms. You can trigger this re-sync to happen immediately by clicking the ‘Reload List’ button in the ‘Customer’ section of the main menu.

My account is not integrated with any software

Add your Customer List from the Customer section. You can do this by uploading a CSV document listing each of your customers.