The New Client Switcher – In Testing

The new client switcher makes navigating the organisations you are a part of in Dext Prepare and client accounts attached to them easier.

This feature is currently in testing, we will notify you when it becomes available.

With the new client switcher you can:

  • Easily navigate and distinguish between different organisations and/or businesses you are part of with separate organisation and client switchers, and clients that a user has access to within each organisation.
  • Clearly identify which organisation and/or client account you are currently in.
  • Navigate to different types of client with minimal clicks, including Prepare, Precision, and Solo clients.
  • Search for a specific organisation or client.

How the New Navigation Works

The New Switcher has two separate switchers you can navigate from:

1. The Organisational Switcher

See and switch between the Organisations you are a part of.

2. The Client Switcher

See a list of the clients of the selected organisation, and the products they are active in, including Prepare, Solo and Precision.