How to Invite Your Accountant or Bookkeeper to Access Your Dext Prepare Account

Invite an external accountant or bookkeeper to Dext Prepare, and they’ll be able to view, manage and collaborate with you on the paperwork that you’ve submitted to your account.

Note: No changes will be made to any account data when access is revoked or granted to a new accountant.

If you’re currently connected to an accountant and wish to change to a different accountant then you can simply reallocate the access to the new accountant. 

Depending on whether or not your accountant/bookkeeper uses Dext Prepare already, they’ll either be added to your account immediately, or contacted to see if they’d like to join Dext 

You can only invite your accountants/bookkeepers to access your account if theirs is a accountant/bookkeeper account. If their email is linked to a business account you will get an error and won’t be able to invite them. In this case, you’ll need to contact your accountant/bookkeeper to set up an accountant/bookkeeper account or, alternatively, set them up as an Admin user in your own account.

Where to go to invite your Accountant or Bookkeeper

  1. You can invite your accountant or bookkeeper from the Accountant page in the My Profile section of the sidebar.

You also access this page via your homepage, by going to Invite your accountant and clicking the Invite Accountant button

  1. Once on the Accountant page, enter the accountant’s email address, then click Send invite.

From here there are two flows:

  • How to invite if your Accountant/bookkeeper already uses Dext Prepare
  • How to invite if your Accountant/bookkeeper does not currently use Dext Prepare

Accountant/bookkeeper already uses Dext Prepare

If your accountant/bookkeeper is already using Dext Prepare, you’ll see this message:

  1. Click Allow access. They’ll be given permission to access your account and view, edit and publish your uploaded paperwork.
  2. When the connection is successful you will see this notification.

You can manage this connection at any time by going to My Profile in the sidebar, then Accountant

Accountant/bookkeeper does not currently use Dext Prepare

If your accountant/bookkeeper does not subscribe to Dext Prepare, you can invite them to use Dext Prepare:

  1. Enter your accountant or bookkeeper’s email address, then click Send Invite.

The accountant will be sent an invitation to start a free trial for accountants & bookkeepers.

If you want to see a preview of the email they will be sent, click See how the email will look.

  1. You can see the status of the invitation by going to My profile in the sidebar, then Accountant.
  1. When your accountant accepts the invitation a pop up will show on the screen notifying you of the successful connection.