How to Upload Your Suppliers List Into Dext Prepare

Dext Prepare will automatically pull your Suppliers list from the software your account is integrated with. If you are using Dext Prepare with a non-integrated accounting platform you can populate Dext Prepare with your own suppliers using a .csv import.

  1. Export your list of suppliers from your accounting software as a .csv file. This format will vary between different softwares but it must include columns for:
    Supplier Name
    Currency (optional)
    Category name (optional)
    Supplier Code (optional – must be unique for each supplier)
  2. In Dext Prepare, navigate to the Suppliers List. This is located under the ‘Lists’ section of the sidebar.
  3. Click Import from CSV:
  1. Select your file in the popup, and follow the prompts to map Supplier Code, Category, Currency Code, and Supplier Name to the correct columns of the .csv file.
  2. Once complete, the list of names will populate the Suppliers Lists. Dext Prepare will automatically set Supplier Rules for Suppliers with a mapped Currency and Category.

Note: Any duplicated supplier names that already exist in your Suppliers List will be automatically merged by Dext Prepare.