Submission History

You can view a list of all of your account’s submitted items in the ‘Submission History’ section.

The Submission History page you will show you all the items added to your Dext Prepare account. This includes items from the Costs & Sales inboxes and archives, as well as items that have been deleted, including duplicate items. You can also view the items, their history and action them from this page.

Accessing the Submission History

To access submission history:

1. Go to My Profile in the sidebar
2. Then Submission History

Searching and Filtering for Items

You can search and filter for specific items by going to the search bar in the top right corner of the page.

To find an item from a specific supplier you can enter their name in the search bar.

For more in depth search filters:

  1. Click Advanced in the search bar.

2. You can then search for and filter items by:

  • Supplier
  • The user who submitted the item

Important: The Submitted by field will be left blank if one of the following submission methods has been used: Email-in, Qonto, PayPal, Dropbox or Tripcatcher. If the receipt is uploaded via web upload or mobile upload, then the uploading user will be shown.

  • Submission method
  • User who owns the item
  • Submitted at (submission date)
  • Date (date on item)
  • Total amount by range
  • Showing only deleted items or merged items

3. Once you selected your filters, click Apply
4. To view an item click Show

Filters can be removed by clicking the orange X at the top of the submission history view:

Actioning Items in the Submission History

On the Submission History page you can access items from the Costs & Sales inboxes or archives, download item images, view item histories and restore deleted items (including duplicate items).

To perform these actions there are three icons at the left side of each row:

  • Image – to view the item’s image
  • Download – to export the item’s image
  • Document – to see the item’s history

And several option in the Action column:

  • Show – see items in the inbox or archive
  • Restore – return deleted items, such as a suspected duplicate item, to the Costs or Sales inbox. See more about duplicate items and how they are detected here