Getting Started with Dext Prepare for Accountants & Bookkeepers

Ready to get started with Dext Prepare? This article will guide you through the process of: 

Adding a Client Account

Creating a Client Account will add a dedicated space to receive review and manage the financial documentation for one of your clients’ businesses.

To create a client account:

  1. Go to My Clients in the Manage section.
  1. Click the green +Add Client button at the top of the page.
  1. See this article for an in depth guide to creating a client account.

Find out how to add multiple client accounts here.

Adding a User or Colleague

You can create additional users on your Dext Prepare account. When you add a User or Colleague, you have the option to skip the invitation to invite the user to access the Dext Prepare account or to invite them to access the account themselves as a User with User Privileges.

Skipping the Invitation

Skipping the invitation allows a user to be added to a document as a Document owner, and submit documents to via their unique email in addresses, but they will not be invited to access the Dext Prepare account for themselves.

Invited Users with user privileges

Users that are invited to access the account will have access to the mobile or web app and have the ability to submit, view and edit paperwork depending on their User Privilege level. You assign this level when the user is created and can change it at any time.

To Add a User:

To Add a Colleague:

See this article for the steps to follow to add a user or colleague.

Connecting your Accounting Software

Dext Prepare can work collaboratively with your accounting software. Once connected, the two systems will share your chart of accounts and all documents will be extracted and can be published with a format that matches your existing financial records.

To connect your Dext account to your accounting software:

  1. Navigate to the Connections section of the sidebar, then Integrations.
  1. Find your accounting software in the list of available softwares, then click the Connect button.
  1. Read over the steps outlined in the popup modal. This will illustrate the full connection process, which differs between integrations. Then click the Connect software button – you’ll be redirected to your accounting software and prompted to log in to your account.
  1. Follow the steps provided until you return to Dext Prepare.
  1. Choose an organisation to give Dext access to, and click Next.
  1. Finally, you will see a confirmation that your organisation is connected. Click Finish. You will return to the Integrations page, where you will be able to manage the integration and it’s settings. For more details on setting up this connection, take a look at this article.

Submitting your Items

You can submit your items whilst logged in on the web app, through your unique email-in address and on the go using the mobile app. You can also connect to thousands of suppliers and automatically pull through your invoices using invoice fetch.

You can start submitting your items by:

  1. Clicking the green Add Documents button.
  1. Selecting the Costs, Sales or Bank tab.


  1. Select the Document owner. You can change this at any time on the Item details page.
  1. Choose one of the upload options available; direct upload, Invoice Fetchemail or using the mobile app.


  1. Select the Document owner. You can change this at any time on the Item details page.
  1. Choose one of the upload options available; direct uploademail or using the mobile app.


  1. Select a Bank account.
  1. Choose one of the upload options available; direct upload (one document per file) or Bank feed.

Learn more about adding documents here and how to add multiple items here.