Using Intuit Single Sign On with Dext

You can connect your Intuit account with your Dext account and enable single sign-on to access your Dext account via your Intuit SSO login details.

Simply ensure your Dext account is integrated with your Quickbooks Online account, sign into your Dext Prepare account, set up SSO from within your Dext Prepare account and you’re ready to use your Intuit SSO to sign into Dext.

Linking Your Intuit Account SSO to Your Dext Prepare Account

Important: Before connecting your Intuit and Dext Prepare account, your Dext Prepare account must be integrated with your Quickbooks Online account.

To connect your Intuit account SSO to Dext Prepare:

  1. In your Dext Prepare account, go to the profile icon in the top right of the screen, then click Security.
  1. Then, go to the SINGLE SIGN ON section and click Connect.
  1. If you are already signed into your Quickbooks Online account the connection will be made, and when complete a red Disconnect button will show.

    If you are not already signed into Quickbooks Online, you will be redirected to the QuickBooks Online login page. Once logged in from there you will also see the red Disconnect button to signal that the connection is made.

If your account isn’t already integrated the SINGLE SIGN ON section will not be visible. Integrate your Dext Prepare account with your Quickbooks Online account to make it visible.

Error Message When Logging In

If you try to use the Sign in with Intuit SSO login button on the Dext sign in page before you have set it up from within your account, you will see an error message:

This happens because you must first link your Intuit SSO to your Dext account from within your Dext account before you can use the Sign in with Intuit button.

To set this up, sign into your Dext account with your Dext login details, then follow the steps set out in the section above.

Once you’ve done this you’ll be able to log into your Dext account via both your Intuit SSO login and your Dext account login.

How to Use Intuit SSO Once Set Up

Once you’ve connected your Intuit SSO with you Dext account, you can sign into your Dext account with your Intuit SSO details by:

  1. Going to the Dext login page or opening the Dext mobile app.
  2. Clicking the Sign in with Intuit button on the web app or the Intuit logo on the mobile app.