The ‘Tools’ Menu

The Tools menu is located in theInbox, and is used to make adjustments to receipts, invoices or other documentation in your inbox.

To use the Tools menu, use the check-boxes down the left-hand side of the page to select any items that you want to change and then click on the Tools button.


Using the Tools menu, you can:

  • Export : export the selected items in CSV, PDF or ZIP
  • Merge : combine two items into one item
  • Bulk edit : Adjust the Category field for multiple items at once
  • Send via e-mail : Send a PDF and CSV file of your selected items to a specifiable e-mail address
  • Convert to Sales : Moves the item from Costs to Sales
  • Move to Archive : Send your selected items to the client’s Archive
  • Clear publishing data : delete the data associated with your selected items being published to a Integrated Accounting Software. These means that Dext Prepare will no longer detect if you have previously published this item to your integrated software.
  • Flag : Add a Flag to each of your selected items. This will allow you to quickly identify these items and make them searchable using the Filter menu
  • Unflag : Remove a Flag from your selected items
  • Delete : Deletes the selected items