The ‘Sales’ Workspace

The Sales Workspace contains all of the invoices and other financial documents that your business issues to its customers for payment.

This is separate to the ‘Costs’ Workspace, where financial documents for your businesses accounts payable are extracted and stored.


Each time a user on the account adds a new Sales document to Dext Prepare, we’ll extract the visible data and present the item in the Inbox of the Sales section.
Your Sales Workspace is split into five sections:

  • Inbox
  • In Processing
  • To Review
  • Ready
  • Archive


The Inbox displays all your items that are in the Ready or To Review sections.

In Processing displays the items that are currently being processed and an estimate on the time remaining.
Ready means that all of the required information has been completed and this item is ready to be published or export as a CSV or PDF.
To Review means that the document is missing some information (usually the ‘Category’ field), which you will need to complete before the item can be published or exported as a CSV or PDF.

The Archive is where your items are kept after they have been published or manually archived.

The default columns in each section indicate the following:

  1. Status Field: This indicates whether an item has; been viewed, is ready to be published, or has been edited.
  2. ‘User’ Field: Indicates which Client User submitted the item.
  3. ‘Date’ Field: Indicates the date that the document was issued. If Dext Prepare cannot detect a date on the document image, it will use the date that the item was submitted instead.
  4. ‘Customer’ Field: Indicates the customer who associated with the document.
  5. ‘Category’ Field: Indicates which section of your Chart of Accounts this item will be recorded under. You can quickly edit this using the dropdown menu in each row.
  6. ‘Invoice No’: Displays the invoice number of the item.
  7. ‘Total’ Field: Indicates the currency and total value of the item, including the tax amount.
  8. ‘Tax’ Field: Indicates the tax amount of the item.

You can click on each of these fields to organise your inbox according to their criteria. Remove columns or add additional fields using the table settings menu:

Screenshot 2022-06-10 at 18.03.59.png

You can transfer documents between the Costs and Sales Workspaces by selecting the item using the checkboxes down the left-hand side of the page and clicking ’Tools’ and ‘Convert to Costs’.