Get Started with Precision for Monthly Bookkeeping

Using Precision to manage monthly bookkeeping jobs helps to provide a more efficient and standard process for all client bookkeeping jobs and tasks related to completing the bookkeeping. These tasks will focus mainly on data quality using our Client Workflows.

This guide will help you to get started and steps to focus on for this particular client job.

Managing all Client Workflows

Review Client Workflows assigned to you in the Workflows Dashboard.  Client workflows will have been assigned to you usually by your manager.  You will be able to see a list of your client jobs and manage these via our Workflows Dashboard:

  1. Go to Client Workflows
  2. Click on – Workflows Dashboard

From here you can review the list of workflows by:

  • Workflow Name
  • Client Name
  • Account Manager 1 & 2
  • Period Start
  • Period End
  • Due Date
  • Reviewer 1 & 2
  • Status of the workflow
  • Progress
  • # of tasks required, completed, outstanding, not applicable & with issues
  • Date workflow was started and completed
  • Information on whether Reviews have been completed

This will allow you to have more visibility over your client workflows and your progress.  Manage deadlines with due dates and plan your strategy for completing client jobs more efficiently. 

Processing Client Workflows

Working through the tasks assigned to each client job specifically for Monthly Bookkeeping.

Client Workflows follows a standardised process which will include a set of tasks for clients that you do regular bookkeeping for.  In Precision these will consist of a combination of data driven tasks and custom created tasks.  Below are the most common tasks that focus on data quality using our clean up tools:

  • Bank Reconciliation (data driven)
  • Multi-Coded Contacts (data driven)
  • Duplicate Transactions (data driven)
  • Process items in Prepare (custom check)
  • Send queries to Client (custom check)

Process for working through the client workflow tasks to complete a client workflow:

  1. Review each task to see what needs to be addressed.  Keep in mind that Precision is making suggestions on what needs to be reviewed based on identifying possible errors and anomalies with the data.  In some cases the data may be ok or it may need to be addressed and amended inside Xero or QBO for those data driven tasks.  Custom checks are not data driven, they are part of the process to complete a bookkeeping job and need to be marked as complete once reviewed.  
  2. Once you have reviewed the tasks you have options on how that task has been completed.  On some tasks there may be additional information you need to provide to the person reviewing the workflow.  Below are the options for completing a client workflow:
  • Mark as complete – no issues
  • Mark as complete – some issues
  • Mark as not applicable
  • Add Comments – in this section if you have marked some tasks as ‘Marked as complete – some issues’ you can add notes about what those issues are to help inform the person who may be reviewing the workflow once you have marked all task as completed.
  • Upload Files – if you have documentation to support your work regarding a task you can add that file here. 

Complete Client Workflows

Once you have marked all the tasks as complete the next step is to send the workflow for review.  The reviewers will be assigned at the point the workflow template is created.  All flows have the option to assign 1 or 2 people as reviewers.  

  1. Once all the tasks have been marked as complete the option to submit for review will be visible to you on the left hand side of the navigation screen.  

Once you select this option the person assigned as the reviewer will receive an email to inform them that there is a workflow for them to review and will show on their Workflow Dashboard under the My Reviews section.  

  1. Once the review has been completed the reviewer will send the workflow back to you to finalise the workflow and mark it as completed, or if there are any further comments made, make those changes then choose to send back for a further review or mark as completed.  This completes that client workflow until the next period. 

Client Overview

Now that you have completed the workflow for your client’s bookkeeping, go to the Client Overview dashboard to see the current status of the client and what other areas of the client account that may need addressing.  Clean up tools are the first step to data quality and supporting your client’s.

Next Steps

There are a few other areas in Precision you may want to review next now that your bookkeeping is complete such as: