Flow Templates

A selection of Dext Precision’s Checks can be combined together in a logical order into Flow Templates.  They can be reviewed by your team to ensure they’ve addressed activities that are important to them.

So rather than a team member having to hop around different pages on the site trying to remember to check, e.g. Dividends Status has been reviewed, then say Bank Reconciliation is complete, we allow them to build Flow Templates that bring all these things from across the app into a single workflow, where they can be examined, actioned and finally approved or left for further comment.

Flows can also be automatically generated on a repeatable basis so that team members have an ongoing actionable checklist they need to fulfil without having to create a one-off Flow each time. Ultimately it’s about delivering a structured approach to helping customers keep their client’s Health Scores in good stead.

Flow Templates can be built on-the-fly when creating a Flow, at which point you can decide whether you only need the template once or you’d like to save the template for re-use. They can also be created from the Flow Templates view.

Screenshot 2022-09-12 at 16.28.46.png

Once multiple Checks have been added to a template they can be re-ordered by dragging and dropping.

All Repeating Flows must be linked to a Flow Template. If a template linked to a Repeating Flow is edited, you will receive a warning with a list of affected Repeating Flows.

  • Any changes to a Repeating Flow template will take effect on the next scheduled date, and will not affect any Repeating Flows that have entered the Flow List.
  • Any checks added to templates that require parameters will be added to Repeating Flows with the default parameters applied unless the Repeating Flow is edited to update the default parameters.