Sales Analysis

This feature allows you to review your client’s revenue for a given period, breaking it down into who their key customers are and how much revenue each of these customers generate.

Accumulated Revenue

This chart demonstrates how much of your client’s revenue comes from a smaller proportion of customers. The chart area is cumulative; the steeper the curve is at the beginning, the more revenue is generated by that segment. The curve will typically then level off, as later segments contribute less to the revenue total.

Revenue-generating contacts are listed in the grid below the chart, grouped by segment, with an indication of how reliant the client is on that contact. By identifying these key revenue generating customers, you can give clients informed advice as to where they should be focusing their time.
This grid lists a few key stats:

  • Customer is the contact name, and clicking on it will link to the contact in Xero
  • Revenue is the amount of revenue generated by that customer during the period
  • Transactions is the number of transactions generated by that customer during the period
  • Reliance is the percentage of total revenue which comes from that customer in the period
  • Debtor Days is a calculation of the time the customer typically takes to pay

Average Monthly Revenue

Dext Precision then provides two key stats for the client; average monthly revenue for the period, and the average monthly revenue per customer for the period.