Completing Workflows

Progress is made on a started/in progress Workflow by completing Tasks. This is done by clicking on the icons to the right of each Task:

What you need to know:

  • Only Team Owners and Team Admins can delete started/in progress workflows
  • Once a workflow has started/in progress Reviewers can not be changed or removed
  • Team Members can only make changes to their own Workflows
  • If you want to add more tasks or clients to a workflow for a period that has been started already you have to edit the Workflow template and those changes will be reflected in the next scheduled workflow so therefore can not be added to a workflow in progress.

Options to complete a task

  • Mark as complete (no issues) by clicking on the tick icon once you are happy the data is up to date and correct.
  • Mark as complete (some issues) by clicking on the exclamation mark icon once you have finished your review of the data showing for the task. Leave comments if there are some issues explaining what those issues are for the reviewers or you or your team members to refer back to for future work on the client.
  • Mark as not applicable by click on the straight line icon – as these workflow templates are used to create a standardised process some checks may not be applicable for some clients added to the workflow template. You have the option to mark the task as not applicable for this client. Saves the need to create bespoke templates for each client and helps the team to follow a standardised process.

If needed, you can click the icons again to change the task back to incomplete.

Adding comments to a Task

For each task you have the option to add comments which can be used by reviewers when you submit the workflow for review. They can be used to inform the reviewer of issues or questions the assignee may have around the task in the workflow.

Click on Add a comment section below the task to do this. These comments will be associated with your initials for the person reviewing comments will know who left them. Anyone who has access to the workflow can add comments.

Attaching documents to Workflows

Please review Workflow Attachments article for more information.

This is great for clients who may need to answer questions about tasks, and will allow reviewers to reference materials the bookkeeper or accountants used to complete the task.  This provides easier visibility over supporting documentation.

To attach a file or multiple files to individual tasks in workflows click on the button next to the comment button. 

Warning: The file/s can only be deleted by the person attaching the files and/or the Team Owner.

Marking Workflows as Complete

Only once you’ve completed ALL tasks will Dext Precision allow you to MarkComplete which is found in the left hand side of the sidebar as shown in the below screenshot:

Warning: Once a workflow is marked as complete this cannot be reversed, so make sure you’re happy with all the Checks before performing this final step.

If the Workflow has been set up with Reviewers, once all the Checks have been completed you can submit the Workflow for Review.

Once the Flow has been reviewed the Reviewer will send the Workflow back to the Assignee to mark the workflow as complete, per instructions above: 

Recalculating Workflows

The process of recalculating the data in Precision needs to happen when any changes take place in Xero or QBO if required before the next sync or when a date range is changed in the checks or reports. Recalculating is required in order to update the data for that period to display the updated information.

Once a workflow has been ‘started’ and as you work through the tasks you may need to go to Xero/QBO to make the relevant updates. Once you make these changes in Xero/QBO these will need to be updated in Precision. The next time you open that workflow in Precision a message will pop up asking if you want to recalculate to update the workflow for these changes.

Follow the steps in the screen below to demonstrate how this will work.


1. Go to Workflows from your Team Home screen

Step 1 image

2. Click Workflow List

Step 2 image

3. Click to open a Workflow

Step 3 image

4. You have a choice either click Recalculate Nowto update the Workflow to show the changes or Cancelto return to the Workflow as it is

Step 4 image

5. If you wish to update the data then click Recalculate Now

Step 5 image

6. At the top right of your screen you will see the data Recalculating…

Step 6 image

7. Once the data has updated the status will show complete.

That’s it!

Step 7 image

Here’s an interactive tutorial

** Best experienced in Full Screen (click the icon in the top right corner before you begin) **–NEW-

Next Steps:

Reviewer/s to complete the review of the workflow.