Client Tags

Dext Precision provides the ability to set tags for your clients, to help you organise your practice.

Screenshot 2022-07-04 at 15.36.47.png

You can allow tags to be created on the fly within individual clients, or control them from only the team area. Tags can be set centrally from the Team sidebar under Configuration > Tags, where you can add, delete, and assign tags to multiple clients at once. (See screenshot above for Team-level Tag Management).

To assign tags to clients in bulk, from the central Tags view click on a purple tag to select it. You will be able to see below how many clients are associated with that tag. Click to open the list of clients associated/not associated with that tag, and search or select from the list to add or remove clients. Then click the Update button to set those tags.

To set tags against a client at the client level, from the Overview sidebar select Configuration > General. You’ll see the option to search and select tags to apply to that client.
Tags are visible on the Client List, Client Overview and in the Practice Dashboard. In both the Client List and the Practice Dashboard, you can use tags to search and filter your clients.