Team Roles and Settings

The creator of a team will be the team owner, everyone else will be admins or team members. Team owners and admins can perform team management actions like inviting a team member or adjusting billing and subscription settings.

Team Settings

The Team Settings are available in the sidebar in Manage Team; from here, you can manage all things Team related.

Team Members & Roles

For the standard (non-enterprise) version of Precision, there are three different user roles:

  • Owner: Owners have the same permissions as Admins. This role defaults to the person who created the Precision team. There can only be one team Owner per team.
  • Admin: In addition to the permissions of team Members, Admins can: invite new team members, manage the Precision subscription, add the Team Logo, and by default they can also view all clients added to Precision.
  • Member: Team members can add and remove clients, and adjust the visibility settings of those clients they are able to view. All team members can add, delete, and review Flows.

This view allows you to invite, view and update all members of your team in Dext Precision.

Team Profile

You can add a team icon here, and also add a branding header. This header image will be added to the top of Dext Precision’s PDF exports. It’s best suited to a smaller logo than a large facebook-style banner image, as it will display at about 70px high on the PDF, so we would recommend uploading an image no larger than 100px tall, and no wider than 800px. We only accept .jpg and .png image formats.

You can also change your Team Name in this view, if you need to. Fix a typo, have an identity crisis, or go for a whole pivot!

Team Subscription

Manage your subscription with Precision, view your subscription plan and the breakdown of Precision’s rolling discounts within your clients. You can also manage your billing information, and add any coupon codes.