Creating a Workflow

Standardising your processes helps your team members to be more efficient and productive when working through their Client jobs.

So rather than a team member having to hop around different pages on the site trying to remember to check, e.g. Dividends Status has been reviewed, then say Bank Reconciliation is complete, we allow them to create workflows that bring all these checks or tasks from across the app into a single workflow, where they can be examined, actioned and finally approved or left for further comment.

What you need to know:

Creating the Workflows

Workflows are created from the Workflow Creator view.

  1. Go to Team HomeWorkflowsWorkflow Creator
  2. Click on Create a One-Off Flow or Create a Repeating Flow depending on the type of workflow you are creating.

Once you have selected the type of Workflow you want to create, the Workflow Creator will walk you through a series of steps to build the Workflow.

  1. Set Checks: Select the Checks you would like to use for the Workflow, including any Custom Checks. You can either select a Workflow Template, or create your own selection of Checks.
  1. Set Cadence: This step will differ between a Repeating and One-Off Flow, but these are the dates that determine the Flow start and due date, and the reporting period.
    • For a One Off Flow you have the option of Reporting Period and Due Date.
    • For A Repeating Flow you can choose Scheduled Date or Specific Event – such as Year End or VAT Period (UK Only. Repeating Flows have a few more settings such as Scheduled Date that you want the flow to repeat and time period you want them to complete such as Complete Within 2 weeks of the Scheduled Date. Then how often you want the repeat this flow. As shown in the screen shot below.
  1. Set Parameters: Some Checks require parameters to be set, such as a ‘transactions since’ parameter for Multi-Coded Contacts.
  1. Add Clients: Add the clients you would like to run the Flow for. You have the option to select clients one client at a time by choosing By Client or you can add clients by the Client Tags you set up by choosing By Tag. You can select as many clients as you would like.
  2. Assign the team members and reviewers who will complete the Flow. These will default to Account Manager 1 and Account Manager 2, respectively.
  1. Review & Go: This stage will allow you to check the settings in the template, dates and clients all on one page before completing the Flow.

During Workflow creation, you can navigate forwards and backwards at the bottom of the form with the ‘Next’ and ‘Back’ buttons respectively. You can also click on the links below the coloured progress bar at the top to view stages you have previously completed.

Next Steps:

Once your flows have been created you can start completing them. See Completing Flows on how to do manage the workflows.