Adding your first QBO client

If you select QBO, the app will take you to QBO, and you will be asked to login if you haven’t already. If you have more than one Company in QBO, you’ll then be asked to select the Company you want to connect to Dext Precision and allow access to the data for import.

Step 1:  Click on Add Clients at the top right of the Precision Client List.

Step 2:  Then connect to Quickbooks.

Bulk Client Import cannot be used with QBO clients, as the QBO API does not allow bulk connections.

After allowing Precision access, you’ll be redirected back to the app, where the initial sync process will begin. This can take between 1 and 45 minutes depending on the size of the client.

Once the initial sync is finished, your client is ready for analysis – go forth!

Learn more about our interaction with Xero here.

Having issues adding your first client? Check out our troubleshooting tips.

Once you’ve got a client added, click on through to the Client Overview.