Repeating Flows

Creating a Repeating Flow will follow a very similar process to creating a One-Off Flow, with a few exceptions:

Precision has 2 types of Repeating Flows:

Repeating Flows must always use a Flow Template. You can create one during Flow creation.

If a template linked to a Repeating Flow is edited, you will receive a warning with a list of affected Repeating Flows.

  • Any changes to a Repeating Flow template will take effect on the next scheduled date, and will not effect any Repeating Flows that have entered the Flow List.
  • Any checks added to templates that that require parameters will be added to Repeating Flows with the default parameters applied, unless the Repeating Flow is edited to update the default parameters.

When Publishing a Repeating Flow, it will enter the Repeating Flows List. The Flow will also enter the Flow List if the creation date is the same as the Scheduled Date.

You will only have the option to ‘Save and Start’ if the Repeating Flow is for only one Client, and if the creation date is the same as the Scheduled Date.

Repeating Flow Dates – (by specific event)

Choose a specific event and create a flow that will repeat on either the year end date or VAT return period. The repeating date will occur based on the individual client year end date or VAT return periods.

When creating a repeating flow using a specific event, the following settings must be set by the user:

  • Scheduled Date: The number of days/weeks after the selected reporting period that the flow will be created.
  • Complete Within: This will set the due date for the flow once it has been created.
  • Reporting Period: Choose either Year End or VAT Return Period (UK)
  • Repeat this Flow every: The frequency of repetition for the Flow. This begins from the Scheduled Date.

Use Case Examples

Example 1: Year-End Accounts

For your Year End clients you will have the option to set this schedule date, in relation to the Reporting Period as well as by fixed calendar date.

Example 2 : Quarterly VAT Returns

You have 50 VAT Return Clients, they follow the following cadence:

  • 2 are monthly VAT Return Clients
  • 45 are quarterly of which, 20 start in January, 15 in Feb and 10 in March.
  • 3 are Annual VAT Return Clients (April and June)

Doesn’t matter because you only need to create 1 Repeating Flow by choosing the Reporting Period as VAT Return Period set in Xero or QBO.

Repeating Flows – (using Tags)

Just like One off Flows you can now create Repeating Flows by Tags. This allows you to add multiple clients to a Flow by selecting By Tag in the Add Client stage. This will add all clients to your Flow assigned to a specific tag. You will then be able to view the list of clients you have added, and edit assignees and reviewers and delete as necessary.

Please note:

When you add new clients to Precision and assign a tag that has a Repeating Flow set up related to that tag the new client will automatically be aded to the existing repeating flow for that tag. This also applies if you remove a tag from a client we will remove any related existing repeating flows. This option is not available for One Off Flows