Bulk Client Import for your Xero clients

Precision’s new Bulk Client Import feature will allow you to import all of your Xero clients at once. Configure the visibility and account managers in one shot to get up and running straight away.

Bulk Client Imports allows a user to select as many clients for import as they like within the Xero authorisation flow.

When the user clicks Add Clients and chooses Xero, they’ll be taken to Xero and asked to log in as usual. Instead of selecting only one client, users can now select some or all of their Xero clients, by ticking the box next to each client that they want to import. They’ll be automatically returned to Precision as usual.

If the number of clients selected exceeds their team bundle limit, they’ll be able to remove the clients that they don’t want to import.

The user can then edit the default visibility and set the account managers for each of the clients they’ve chosen for import in one shot, to speed up onboarding. Finally, when the user is ready to proceed with the import, the selected clients will be queued for import in batches of 5.