How Does Dext Prepare Handle Duplicate Documents?

If the same receipt or invoice is uploaded more than once, Dext Prepare can automatically detect and delete the duplicate item.

You can configure your settings to delete duplicate items automatically, review them yourself or for both modes to be OFF.

These settings can be applied as a default rule to all, bulk edited for multiple suppliers or turned off for a specific supplier.

How do the different modes work?

If Automatic & Review mode are OFF: 

  • All items will be processed in the Inbox WITHOUT indicating if there is a duplicate item.

If Review mode is ON: 

  • Suspected duplicate entries will have an amber circle icon next to them in the Inbox. You can then review the items to confirm if they are duplicates or not. 
  • You can also use the filter at the top of the inbox page to search for items with duplicates.
  • Items that are a potential duplicate of an item that has been archived will be flagged in the cost workspace as a potential duplicate.

If Automatic is ON:

  • Duplicate items will automatically be reviewed and duplicates deleted. Deleted duplicates can be found in the submission history, where they can also be restored to the costs inbox if needed. 

Items are recognised as duplicates when: 

  • For receipts: The supplier, date, total amount and submitter are the same.
  • For Invoices and Credit Notes: the supplier, total amount and reference number are the same.
  • If there are two (or more) items, and one is missing important fields such as the invoice number or the date then the two items will not be recognised as duplicates even if they are.


To set the same mode for every supplier as a system setting:

1. Go to My profile > System Settings
2. Then Duplicate Items
3. Select the desired mode from the dropdown list 
    This will be the default system setting across your account


Set the mode for an individual supplier:

1. Go to Suppliers in the sidebar
2. Click on the supplier
3. Then go to Merge duplicate cost items
4. Select the desired supplier level rule from the dropdown list


Bulk Edit Supplier Rules:

1. Go to Suppliers in the sidebar
2. Select multiple suppliers via the checkboxes to the left of the supplier name
3. Click Bulk Edit at the top of the page
4. Select supplier level rule from dropdown list labeled Merge duplicate items

Screenshot 2022-05-20 at 12.12.53.png

5. Select line item extraction setting

Screenshot 2022-05-20 at 12.16.53.png

How to use ‘Review mode’:

1. To review duplicate items go to either: 

    a) The Costs workspace, hover over the amber pulsar next to the item and click Review items

Screenshot 2022-05-20 at 10.54.28.png

    b) Or the Item Details page and click Review items in the information box

Screenshot 2022-05-20 at 10.39.41.png

2. The Review duplicate items page will then show you the items side by side

Screenshot 2022-05-20 at 10.27.57.png

3. If the items are for different purchases:

    a) Click No, it’s a different purchase


          The items will then show as two separate items in the Costs inbox. 

4. If the items are for the same purchase:

    a) Click Yes, it’s the same purchase button
    b) Then Delete image (the second image will be deleted*)
or Attach image to original purchase (both images will be attached to the original purchase)


*Deleted duplicates can be found by going to Profile > Submission history, where they can be restored back to the costs inbox if needed.