How to Use ‘Notes’ in Dext Prepare

Notes are displayed on submitted items that require your attention. This it to inform you when Dext Prepare has taken action (or is unable to take a standard action) during the extraction process.

You can view a note in two places:

  1. The ‘Notes’ column of the Inbox.
  1. The ‘Note’ tab of the ‘Item Details’ page.

Hover your mouse over the Note icon to display the Note.
The following notes are used by Dext Prepare:

  • This transaction has been merged – please review.
    Two of the same item have been submitted. Dext Prepare has identified that these are the same, and has merged both items into a single entry.
  • As the date was either incomplete or not visible on this item, we have used the date of submission.
    Dext Prepare can not identify a date on the document. Instead, we have allocated the date that the document was submitted to the Client Inbox.
  • Supplier unknown unable to allocate category – please review.
    Dext Prepare can not identify a supplier on the document and is therefore unable to apply a category based on supplier rules.
  • You have submitted more than one transaction as a single item. Please resubmit transactions separately so that they can be processed.
    Dext Prepare has received multiple documents within this submission. You should resubmit these documents or split this entry into separate items.