How to Use Line Items

Use Line Items to divide a receipt, bill or invoice between multiple nominal codes.

How to use Line Items:

  1. Access the Item Details page by clicking on the blue hyperlink of the item you want to split


2. Scroll down the Item Details tab to find the Create Line Items button


3. Click ‘Create Line Items’



4. In the example above we want to split the total amount into the two different charges as they have different nominal codes. Enter the details of each charge on the form and click ‘Add New Line’ to add another row.


5. After you have split all the lines, Click ‘Done’. The separate line items will then appear at the bottom of the Item Details tab.

6. If needed, click the ‘Edit Line Items’ button and form will re-open and allow you to make any changes.


If you want to include Line Items in CSV Exports, navigate to the ‘System Settings’ section of the menu and change the ‘Receipts & Invoices’ setting to ‘Dext Prepare Default (Line Items).