How to Turn Tax Extraction On/Off

Use the ‘Extract Tax’ toggle to specify whether the application should extract tax information from receipts, invoices and other financial paperwork uploaded to the Inbox.

Find the ‘Extract Tax’ toggle in the ‘Account Details‘ tab of the ‘My Profile‘ page.


Turning the ‘Extract Tax’ toggle to ‘ON‘ will instruct the application to extract tax information for all documents that are submitted afterwards.

Turning the ‘Extract Tax’ toggle to ‘OFF‘ will instruct Dext Prepare not to extract any tax for any future document submissions. This is great for VAT-exempt or non-VAT registered businesses.

By default, this toggle is turned to ‘ON’ in all regions aside from the USA, due to specific tax regulations in the USA.

If you have set any Supplier Rules  that pre-complete tax information for specific suppliers, these will still take effect, even if the ‘Extract Tax’ toggle is switched to ‘OFF’.