How to Request Paperwork for Bank Transactions

Request Paperwork is a feature that allows you to create a report on bank transactions that do not have matching receipts or invoices. You can then send the report to your team or (if you are a Dext Prepare Partner) to your clients so they can instantly see what’s missing and submit the paperwork.

Note: To send a Request Paperwork report you must have administrator privileges on your Partner account. Partners that are working on a Client account have administrator privileges by default. Clients of Dext Prepare Partners do not have access to this feature.

 The Three Areas You Can Request Paperwork or Download a Report From

There are three places in Dext Prepare that you can request paperwork or download a Request Paperwork report from:

  1. The Client View page, simply click on the number in the Request Paperwork column.

  1. The Costs Inbox, simply click on the three dots in the top right corner and select Request Paperwork.

  1. The Transactions page in the Bank workspace.
  • First, filter for unmatched transactions by going to the filter icon and selecting Without Requested Paperwork. This will give you a list of all the transactions that have not had a previous request for paperwork.

  • Then tick the box next to the transactions you want to select.
  • Then click Request Paperwork at the top of the page.

How to Request Paperwork 

To send a request for paperwork, (after accessing the Request Paperwork flow from any of the three areas outlined above):

  1. Select the client that will be sent a request in their mobile app. Keep in mind that if a client user has not downloaded the mobile app their name will not be visible in the list.
  1. Add notes, if required.
  2. Click Send.
  3. Once you have sent your Request for Paperwork the history of this request will appear in the Paperwork Requests column on the Transactions page in the Bank workspace.
Screenshot 2022-09-30 at 09.48.03.png

How to Download a Request Paperwork Report 

To download a report, (after accessing the Request Paperwork flow from any of the three areas outlined above):

  1. Click Download and select CSV or PDF.

How to Respond to a Paperwork Request 

You can respond to a paperwork request in your iOS or Android Dext mobile app.

To do this:

  1. Tap the Notifications icon in the top right corner of your costs inbox screen.
IMG_3241 copy.png
  1. Go to the Paperwork Requests tab.
IMG_3247 copy.png
  1. Select the transaction.
  2. Tap Dismiss or Submit Paperwork.
  1. Take a photo of the paperwork or upload an image from your photo library.

What Happens When My Client Replies to a Request?

Any submitted paperwork will show as Match found in the Match column on the transaction page.

If the user is unable to submit the paperwork, the transaction’s status will show as Unavailable paperwork.