The Dext Client List

View and manage a list of all of your Dext Prepare, Solo and Precision clients from one central page. Easily manage their account information and navigate to your clients accounts in all three products.

All of your existing Prepare clients will automatically appear on the new Dext Client List, however existing Precision clients must be imported to the list, and if they correspond with an existing Prepare client they can be merged.

All new clients you add will automatically appear on your Dext client list.

Accessing the Dext Client List From Prepare

The Dext client list can be accessed from two areas in Prepare:

  1. By going to My Clients in the Manage section of the sidebar.
  1. Or via the product switcher in the top left corner of the screen and click Dext Client List.

Accessing the Dext Client List From Precision

To access the Dext client list from Precision:

  1. Go to the product switcher in the top left of the screen.
  2. Click Dext Client List.

Using the Dext Client List

The Dext client list provides you with the following information for each client:

  • Client name
  • Product status for Prepare, Precision & Solo
  • Number of Costs & Sales items
  • CRN
  • Practice Code
  • Integration status
  • Manage via the Actions column – Manage and edit clients from the Actions column. See section below for more information on how to use these features.

You can easily search or filter for clients in the top right corner of the screen. Enter the name or CRN of the client in the search bar, or click the filter icon to select the relevant filters.

Managing & Editing Clients

From the Client List page you can manage and edit your client’s overall account as well as the settings for their accounts in Prepare, Precision and Solo.

To edit or manage a client:

  1. On the client list, click Manage next to the client you wish to edit.

The options listed will take you to various pages in the different products:

  • Edit: Manage the account’s general settings, such as edit the Client name, practice code, the products the client is active in, and deactivate or remove a client from your account.

For Prepare:

  • Practice Access: Manage your team’s access to your clients.
  • Manage Users: Go to the User page in the client account to manage the client’s users
  • System Settings: Go to the client account’s System Settings page.

For Precision:

  • Practice Access: Manage your team’s access to your clients.
  • System Settings: Go to the client’s System Settings page.

For Solo:

  • Edit: Manage the client’s solo account details, including CRN, practice code, national insurance number and postcode.

Adding a New Client

To add a Client:

  1. Click the Add Client button at the top of the client list page.
  1. Select the Product the client will be added in. The available products will depend on your subscription. Click Next.
  1. You will then be taken through the steps of adding a client to the selected product:

Importing Precision Clients

You’ll need to import your Precision clients in order to see them on the Dext client list. This enables you to merge them with an existing Prepare client if one already exists in Prepare.

To do this:

  1. Click the Import Precision Clients button at the top of the client list page.
  1. You’ll see a list of your Precision clients. Next to the name of the client, in the Action column choose one of three options:
  • Set up later: to not import the client now.
  • Link to Prepare client: If we haven’t found a match automatically, you will have the option to select a client to merge with.
  • Import as new client: To add the Precision client to your client list without linking to an existing Prepare account.
  1. When ready click Next.
  2. Review your selections and when happy, click Import clients.

Bulk Upload Practice Codes

To upload your client’s practice codes in bulk:

  1. On the client list page go to Tools at the top of the page, then click Upload Practice codes.
  1. Click Select file to choose the CSV containing the practice codes.

Exporting your Client List

To export a list of your clients:

  1. On the client list page go to Tools at the top of the page, then click Export Client List.
  1. Click Export list.
  1. The list will be exported and when the document is ready, click Download.