‘This email is already taken’ Message

Each Dext Prepare user uses their own email address to log in to the Web App and Mobile App.

As a result, each login email has to be unique and only correspond to one Dext account.

If you see the ‘This email has already been taken’ message, it means that there’s already an existing Dext account using this email address.

If this is the case, you should:

  1. Check that you haven’t previously created a Dext account or Dext Prepare Trial Account. If you did – login to it and change the address used so that the original one is free (see how to do this below).
  2. Check that none of your coworkers have created a Dext account or Dext Prepare Trial Account using a shared email address. If they did – ask them to login and change the address so you can use it for the relevant account.
  3. If none of the above – please contact support@dext.com, who can investigate why this email address is not available.

To Edit a Login Email

  1. Go to the Manage profile icon in the top right of the screen, then go to Personal details.
  1. Then, on the Personal details page, edit the email address.

Any change to your email address will only be valid once you verify the new address via the verification email sent to the new address. You can then log in to Dext using the new email address.

To Edit a Colleague Login Email

  1. Navigate to to the Manage menu and click on My Team
  2. Search for the relevant colleague and then click on the Manage drop down menu and click Edit User Details
  1. Then edit the email of your colleague, and click Save.