What Does ‘Unsupported Protocol’ Mean?

We place the highest importance on the security of our customers’ data.

In order to maintain the highest standard and protect your data from known security risks, Dext Prepare is stopping support for the outdated security protocol TLS 1.1 as of 10th Febuary 2020 and will only support the more secure TLS 1.2 protocol.

These protocols run as part of your internet browser and, if it does not use TLS 1.2, you will receive the following message when you try to access the Dext Prepare web application:


This means you have an outdated browser that does not use TLS 1.2. 

To continue accessing Dext Prepare after 20th February 2020 you must have a more recent version of your internet browser. 

Below is a list of unsupported browser versions. Please click the Update Link to be taken to that browser’s download site where you can update your browser. Click here if you do not know which internet browser you use.


 Versions not supported

 Update Link


 V. 22-29 and under



 V. 23 and below


 Internet Explorer

 V. 7,8,9 for Windows Vista and older.


 Microsoft Edge

 All versions are compatible. 



 V. 6 and under.



 V. 14-16 and below.